iPhone 5/5S Leather Stand Case

iPhone 5/5S Leather Stand Case

Enjoy your iPhone 5/5S® with our specially designed Case with genuine leather! It gives a nice tilt to help you watch the screen with comfort and good stability. Dress up your iPhone5/5S with one of our beautiful five colors, Black, Red, Green, Burgundy and Brown.  Extremely resistant to light, Case color will not fade, even after years of exposure.
And custom features to stylize your iDreamCase—a monogram to personalize the design.
Each iDreamCase is genuinely handmade by master bookbinder in San Francisco. Our products’ craftsmanship reflect his 30 years experience and design artistry.
Material: Genuine Leather
Colors: Black, Red, Green, Burgundy, Brown
Interior: Rubberized tray to secure your iPhone 5/5S 
Closure: Richly crafted band wraps around case, secures your iPhone 5/5S 
Measurement: 5 1/8 in H x 2 1/2 in W x 7/16 in T
(13 cm H x 6.4 cm W x 1.1 cm T)
Weight: 3 oz / 113 gm

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